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Vail Koncepts

Vail Koncepts Ltd.'s renowned technological experience enables us to deliver unique and tailored solutions for a variety of markets and demands. We provide all-inclusive services for data centre solutions, network administration, telephony, cyber security, and cloud services. With the most recent tools and technology available, Vailkoncepts' team of qualified project and implementation network managers can help your company grow. Our network deployment services cover all aspects of network design, building, and transfer in addition to project management, technical implementation, and maintenance.

We carefully consider corporate objectives while planning and designing networks. We can help you manage cloud infrastructure, internet connectivity, om-premise and remote servers, desktop users, mobile devices, printers, and anything else across a critical business network.

Vail Koncepts
Network Infrastructure

Our certified experts will lead you through the technological maze to a complex, scalable, and secure networking infrastructure, including workstations, servers, switches, and routers. We collaborate with your team to develop your network infrastructure from the bottom up, coming up with a strategy that meets the unique requirements of your business. Infrastructures and computer networks are the backbone of contemporary communication. With the aid of our network architecture and design services, you can create a dependable, affordable, and futureproof network to satisfy any requirement.

In collaboration with the top manufacturers around the globe, Vailkoncepts is a global leader in the adoption, marketing, and deployment of cutting-edge technology specializing in:
Network design and deployment
Audit of the IT infrastructure
Virtualization solutions
Migration and data centre transition
Lifecycle management and advanced data protection
IT process management orchestration and automation
Creation of "smart cities" for the city administration
Mobile apps' mobility in moving vehicles
Mobile application solutions for remote sites' safe connections


The first step toward a more efficient and secure IT environment is network design. The deployment of the infrastructure and solutions outlined in the company's networking plan, however, is the true barrier for many organizations. The experience and understanding of a seasoned network integrator who comprehends both the technology and the desired business goals is essential for the effective integration of multi-vendor network components.