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    To be a pioneering, independent partner that transforms the business requirements of our clients in Nigeria and across the world into products and services that make use of cutting-edge technology infrastructure.

With the right partner, you can take advantage of the opportunities that technology is giving us now more effectively than at any other time in history. However, picking the ideal partner is not a simple task. It's crucial to take everything into account because so much depends on this choice. Read More

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39 Suez Crescent, Zone 4, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria

Phone: +234809 1192434

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Vail Koncepts Ltd.'s renowned technological experience enables us to deliver unique and tailored solutions for a variety of markets and demands. We provide all-inclusive services for data centre solutions, network administration, telephony, cyber security, and cloud services. With the most recent tools and technology available, Vailkoncepts' team of qualified project and implementation network managers can help your company grow. Our network deployment services cover all aspects of network design, building, and transfer in addition to project management, technical implementation, and maintenance. We carefully consider corporate objectives while planning and designing networks. We can help you manage cloud infrastructure, internet connectivity, om-premise and remote servers, desktop users, mobile devices, printers, and anything else across a critical business network.


Our certified experts will lead you through the technological maze to a complex, scalable, and secure networking infrastructure, including workstations, servers, switches, and routers.Read More

Software Solutions

Our bespoke web applications are developed in accordance with the needs of the customer and include sophisticated web and enterprise portals, and expert websites that combine enticing design,Read More

Cloud Solutions

Every stage of your cloud journey will be supported by our full range of cloud services. Our cloud consulting services are powered by virtualization and convergent technologies created....Read More

Devops Solutions

DevOps unites development and operations teams to produce high-quality software more quickly. Since adopting DevOps in 2013, Vailkoncepts has provided end-to-end DevOps consulting ...Read More

Elearning Solutions

Our corporate learning management system (LMS) is tailored to support businesses in providing customized training to their partners, clients, and workers. We provide...Read More

Project Management

We offer professional consulting services that span the whole lifespan of your ICT projects. Our strategy is the same whether we're working with a major company interested...Read More